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Brazilian Blowout

Top 3 Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout

Here at Catwalk Hair Design, we have two Brazilian Blowout certified stylists, Kaley and Brittany. This means they've gone through extra training on these products to provide the highest level of care to our clients. After you have the best women's haircut near me in Winter Park, here are the top benefits of a Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Repaired Hair
The Brazilian Blowout products contain a large dose of protein to fortify your hair strands and make them stronger. And because your hair will naturally be straighter right out of the shower, you won't be spending as much time with your hot tools, further damaging it.

Reduced Frizz
If your hair is frizzy, it's likely because it is damaged and in need of serious moisture. By filling in the gaps, cracks, and holes in your hair strands with Brazilian Blowout products, you'll have a smoother hair strand surface and therefore less frizz. No more worrying about humid or rainy days!

Smoother Texture
Probably the most well-known benefit you'll receive is smooth, shiny hair. Depending on the current level of curliness in your hair, you may end up with softer waves, or completely straight strands. This can be ideal if you're not yet sure how to manage your curls, or wish to rock straight hair instead.

Call Catwalk Hair Design Today!
If straight, smooth, shiny hair is what you desire, give us a call today at 407-622-2560! We'll start with the best women's haircut near me to get rid of any severe damage that can't be repaired, then follow up with washing, drying, and applying the Brazilian Blowout treatment. You'll leave our salon feeling like the best version of yourself!

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