Men's Haircuts

The Latest Trends in Men's Haircuts

Men's hair often gets stereotyped as short and boring. "Shorter on the sides and longer on top" has been the standard of mens hair cuts for decades. But there's more to men's hair than that! And we're not just talking about the man bun trend from a few years ago. Here are some of the latest trends we're seeing in mens haircuts.

French Crop
This is a classic men's hairstyle that is receiving a new resurgence in the industry. It features short, nearly shaved, sides and back, with a much longer length on top. Then the length on top is styled forward, over the forehead, much like a woman's bangs. This is best with a little product and a slightly messy tussle.

For slightly longer hair, this style is ideal for the professional yet stylish man. This can be shorter on the sides and longer on top, but the sides are frequently kept longer than other styles. To style, mix some pomade between your hands and push your hair up and back over the top of your head.

Long and Natural
Some men like to keep their hair longer, about shoulder length. Wearing this length with your natural style, whether straight or curly, is a great way to look relaxed and rugged no matter what you get up to in the day. This style even looks great swept up in a ponytail or top knot to show off an undercut.

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