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Catwalk Photography

Editorial Inspired


Portrait Style Head Shot

Editorial Inspired

Why do a boring, corporate head shot that looks like every other head shot?  How about a portrait style look that can be both professional or social media ready.  Kim has a special set up to get you an image that you will want to use everywhere.

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kat ice 6 psd.jpg
kat ice 6 psd.jpg

Editorial Photoshoot

Great self esteem builder

Want a modeling experience?  Book an editorial shoot with us in the salon.  Kim uses her years behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week to give you the catwalk prep from the" inspo" board to in front of  the camera.  This is a full day experience great for anyone at any age! 

leo on the floor_.cp logojpg.jpg
leo with cp logo.jpg

Outdoor Photography

We have a park right behind us, as well as many spots in our courtyard! 

kat consumer 2 jpeg.jpg
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